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Chapter 1

My father died when I was fourteen and after his death it was just me, my mother
and my best friend Jaelen.

He left us everything: A 5 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom house with a 3 car garage in Laguna Beach,
California. Four of the most expensive cars you could ever drive. An
all black 2011 Cadillac Escalade truck with 23' rims, tinted windows
and a banging sound system and a blacked out 2010 Range Rover
with 24' rims, tinted windows and a banging sound system! Now
those two are my cars! My babies! I wouldn't trade them for the
world. Now my mother's cars are a little bit more classier. She has a 2011
Mercedes Benz GLK truck and a 2010 Cadillac Deville. Last thing
but not least he left us a pretty good chunk of change. So basically
we were set for the rest of our lives, but I still had a little job on the
side. I'm not one of those stuck-up bitches who just spend and
spend, because I know that I have it. I have all that I need. Life couldn't be better here at 49 Emerald Bay Estates! I love it here and I don't know anywhere else. Now about me. Well, my name is Christina
Vargas. I'm a 21 year old senior at Pacific College here in Costa Mesa, CA where I am studying to be an RN! My internship will start at Mission Hospital right here in Laguna! Jaelen
is like a brother to me. We grew up together. I mean since we were in
diapers and always lived down the street from one another! That's my nigga for life! Now let's get into my crazy confused life...............

So are you going to the APZ Formal or what?
Yeah Chris! You know I am. I'm going to be fresh too! You know
how I do it mami!

"Mmhmm! Decided who you're taking yet?"
Well I was thinking about asking my best friend. Will you go
with me?


With a slight smirk I answered him.


Well...... Since you begged! Yeah I'll go with you!

What are you going to wear?

I'm not telling you. You'll just have to wait and see.

Well I guess we'll both just have to wait then.

Yeah. Well I'll see you later. Have to get to class.

Alright ma. Later.

We gave each other a quick hug and were on our way.


In the classroom……..

Professor Johnson went over a lot of reviewed stuff to get us ready for an upcoming test. So that took up the whole hour with her.

"Okay class. Don't forget to read chapters 17
through 20. We're going to have a quiz on them in about a week or so. So
be prepared. Have a good day!"


I walked out of the classroom and out onto
the campus with everyone else. I spotted Jaelen and some of his
friends sitting on a concrete wall under a tree talking. So I started
walking towards them, but was stopped in my tracks when I saw
Shanika Taylor walk up and rub her hand across Jaelen's cheek. All I
saw was him grinning like a chess cat. She was my worst enemy. Me
and Shanika were never friends. She would compete with me

for everything. It all started back when we were
cheerleaders in the ninth grade. She made me fall off of the pyramid
because she always wanted to be in my spot. Since then
she's always tried to do stuff to aggravate me. She's even tried to
come between me and Jaelen's friendship, but i've already made it
clear to her that it isn't happening. I've always knew that it was
some type of jealousy. I just don't know why. We're equal people. We
both have the same wealthy lives. Anyway it doesn't matter cause I
will always keep my head held high. I continued to walk over to

"What's up ya'll. Shanika."

She looked at me sideways.

"Christina." Then she turned her attention back to Jaelen.

So, Jaelen! Who are you taking to the formal? Me right?

Nah.I'm taking Christina, Nika.

She smirked when he said that.

"Oh okay.Thats cool. So when will you be free again?
I want us to go out to the movies or something."


We'll see Shanika. I got your number. I'll call you.

"You make sure you do that. Try to call as soon as you are done with your charity date." Then she broke out into laughter. Jaelen and the others just shook their heads.


"Bitch! I got your fucking charity! You stupid cunt! Didn't I tell your
retarded ass before not to start no bullshit with me? You don't listen do you?
Don't get the game fucked up trick." I started to walk off.


"If I want Jae I will take him, Chris. It's just a matter of time. We will have our day!
Yeah. Whatever you say. See ya'll later.

"I'll come by later Chris."

I nodded at Jaelen and walked off.

From a short distance I popped the locks and started my truck from
the keychain. I got in and sat there for a minute with the music
playing. That new song by Ledisi "Pieces of Me" was playing. I
rolled down all the windows because it was a hot day and sped off with the
music blasting. I stopped by the Ridge Center to pick up my check. I
work at Nordstrom's as a sales associate and make about $500

a week working there. I can't complain! I took my check to
the bank and deposited it into my account. After that I went to the Gucci boutique
and picked up my dress for tomorrow night's Formal. I had specially
ordered a champagne colored strapless silk Gucci gown that fit my curves

just right and hung to the floor. It had a long
split up the side of my right thigh. It was so hot! I also had the Gucci
heels of the same color. I knew I was going to look good! Maybe I will
finally get a man. That's a funny one! When I got in the house
my mom was at the dining room table eating a salad and reading an
issue of Vibe magazine.

She looked up at me and smiled! "Hey sweetie! Jaelen just called."

Hey ma! I gave her a small hug.
I missed you today! What did he want? I just left him not too long

"He said he was on his way over here."

Okay. I'll be in my room. As I was walking towards the staircase she called out,

"Chris, I won't be here later. Me and Veronica are going out for a while. So don't wait up."

Alright ma. Have a good time!

Oh I will!

I went upstairs to hang up my dress and put my heels away.

About 15 minutes later she called out again.

"Christina. Jaelen is here."

Tell him to come up here. I'm in my room.

I could hear Jaelen's heavy feet hit the stairs.


Where you at punk?

"In my room nucca!", I said jokingly! What do you want anyway?

He laughed! "To harrass you. I told you I was coming by. Remember? What you doing?"


No. Actually I did forget that quick. What does it look like I'm doing?


"Not a damn thing! I'm bored as shit. I came to lay on your bed and watch
your tv. "


Like you don't do that already anyway! Jae can I
ask you something?

I looked at him with a real serious face.

"Yeah anything baby girl." What's up?

Would you date Shanika? Honestly.


" No I wouldn't." I might hit that though! She is fine Chris. I wouldn't date her though.

For one she is not my type and I know
what kind of feelings you have towards her. I wouldn't do that to
you. Why? "


"Just wanted to know. Personally, I don't think
she cares if she is your type or not anyway."

So are you ready for tomorrow night?

Yep! You know it! I'm gonna be a fly ass dude! Wait a minute. That
didn't sound right. We gonna be fly!


"Hell yeah!" I started to do my little dance!

Jaelen and I stayed up and talked all night.
We ordered some pizzas and started acting a fool. When he left and
went home I took me a long hot shower and went to bed.

I woke up at 9:30 the next morning and went
into my mom's room. She was sprawled out across the bed in her
clothes from the night before. Must have been a rough night! I
watched her lay there for a couple more seconds and then I went into
my bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then I went
downstairs and started cooking breakfast. The phone rung. It was
Jaelen's mother. She was calling to check on my mom. I told her that
she was still sleeping. She said that she would be by later.

The day had passed by so fast and it was almost time for the Formal.
Jaelen had been coming by on and off all day hoping to get a sneak
peak at my gown. When 8:30pm hit I was ready. My mom was in my
room snapping pictures of me like it was my prom or something! All
I could do was laugh at her! I looked in my full length mirror. I was
actually impressed. I looked damn good! My hair was flat ironed
straight and hung down to the middle of my back. I wore Christian Dior
platinum dangly earrings, a 10 karat platinum studded bracelet, necklace and
the 10 karat platinum ring to match. When you wear something like
this you don't need too much jewelry. Damn I looked good!!! I heard
the doorbell ring. I knew it was Jaelen. So I grabbed up my Gucci
hand purse and put it under my arm. Jaelen was standing at the
bottom of the stairs talking to my mom. He looked at me and his
mouth dropped open. It was like I was walking down the steps in
slow motion. He looked at me funny. In a way I never saw him look
at me. I found myself looking at him the same way. The chemistry
felt a little weird with us being best friends and all. I shook it off. He
was wearing the hell out of that white on white Armani suit with the
white pimp hat tilted to the side. That was sexy! Shit he was
sexy at that point! No. What am I doing? I can't think that way
of my best friend. I just couldn't help it. I finally got to the bottom of the
staircase and stood beside him. He took my hand and spun me around. He
started singing the Juelz Santana song:" Damn Girl You Make My
Whistle Blow, Go Ahead, Bring It Here Baby"!!! We both started
laughing. We said goodbye to my mom and left. He opened the door
for me. Then he got in and we were on our way.

"Wow!!!! That's all I can say right now. You didn't even look
this good when we went to prom. I mean you looked good. You know
what I mean. You got me thinking in some ways that I shouldn't
right now girl! You look sexy ma!"

"Wow! Thank you Jae! I was checking you out in that suit
too. Looks good on you! We can't help the fact that we are two sexy
human beings."


I know, but damn Chris!


Look Jaelen. We've been best friends for how many years? Its okay boo!
Whatever happens we will always be best friends.


I understand where you are coming from C. You just look so amazing
ma! I hope we have a good time tonight.


Oh we will!!!!!

We arrived at the Alpha Phi Zeta House. It was
packed too and the music was jumping from the speakers. Me and
Jaelen walked inside and all eyes were on us. I felt like a celebrity.
And there was Shanika standing front and center. She embraced
Jaelen with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He tried to back away a
little, but was too late. So of course I had to rescue him. I grabbed
Jaelen by his arm and we headed for the dance floor. That song by
T-Pain and Akon was on ("Bartender"). We was doing our thing
when they switched the song up to ("Can't Leave Him Alone") by
Ciara and 50 Cent. Jaelen was grinding behind me. He had both of his
hands on my waist holding me gently. The moment was growing
intense and I could feel the hardness through his pants. So I pulled
away from him. I told him I was going to get something to drink. He
asked for something to. I walked slowly through the crowd with my
mind just racing back and forth. What just happened a minute ago?
Was Jaelen really attracted to me? What in the hell are these sexual
emotions that I feel right now? That is not supposed to be happening.
I can't be attracted to my best friend. Can I? If we wanted to make our
relationship more we would have did so a long time ago right? No.
Wait. What am I thinking? This is ridiculous. I'm tripping hard.
Jaelen isn't attracted to me. That's like my brother. Come on Chris get
a grip. I got the drinks and was on my way back over to Jaelen when I
saw him and Shanika all up on each other on the dance floor looking
pretty cozy to me. I watched for a minute and then went and found a
empty spot on one of the couches. I crossed my legs and began to sip
his drink and mines. I kept getting more drinks and after awhile I
started feeling a little tipsy. So I sat there on the couch and watched
everyone else enjoy themselves and act crazy. I started browsing through

my cell and checking my messages. Obviously Jaelen had
forgot I was there because I didn't see him until an hour and a half
later. Some friend. He came over and sat down beside me with a
stupid look on his face.

" Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you. You
know you can't find anyone in parties like these."


You wasn't looking that hard Jaelen. I thought we came here together. I
saw you and Shanika dancing so I didn't want to interrupt. I mean
that would have been rude right?


" What is with you Christina? You know that was nothing but a dance. "


Yeah, well. When I see my best friend dancing like that with my worst
enemy and he brought me to the dance I would think something is
wrong with that picture. Don't you think?


Chris it was just a dance. Damn. You acting like you my girl and you just caught me
fucking another chick or something. Calm down chica.


"You know what! You right. I'm not your girl! Can you take me home
Jaelen? Just drop me off and you can come back."


Whoa! Chris. What is really bothering you? Are you drunk? You know you
shouldn't drink so much cause you know how you get.


Something inside me just snapped…


"Am I drunk? That's my business okay. Don't worry about it. I can
look out for myself Jaelen. I am not a little girl anymore. You don't
always have to know everything. We grew up. We're in college now.
You don't have to look out for me anymore. You know what. I'll find my
own way home. Thank you for a wonderful evening."


Where are you going Christina?


"Outside to get some air."


I walked outside and left him sitting there.

Damn. What the fuck did I do? Christina never tripped on me like that before. She walked away from me when we were dancing. We are closer than this. I know she didn't mean any of the things that she said. She was drinking. I sat on the couch for about 30 minutes and then I walked outside. Christina was sitting in my truck with her head in between her hands. I could hear her sniffling as I approached the truck. I got in on the driver's side and just sat there. I looked over at her. She was so beautiful. Some guy would be lucky one day to have her in his life.


"Christina are you okay?"


Yeah I'm okay. Look Jae. I am so sorry. I had no right to talk to you like that. You've been right here beside me through everything. I actually don't know what I would do if I didn't have you watching my back. That was the alcohol talking.


"I'm not mad at you C. You will always be my friend. Friends argue all the time. You may say something to me or I may say something to
you, but we both know how we feel about one another.


" Friends? "


"Friends. Now let's get you home so you can get some rest."

We drove to my house acting like nothing ever happened. He stopped by his house to check his messages.

When we pulled into my driveway all of the lights were off. Guess my mom
went out again. Mrs. Stevens wasn't home either. Jaelen got out and
came around and opened my door for me. He tried to help me out but
I told him I could walk. We stood at the end of my walkway talking
for awhile. Then out of absolutely no where Jaelen bent down and
kissed me. The crazy part is that I didn't stop him. I kissed him back and I enjoyed it.
He had his hand on the small of my back. My arms were wrapped
around his neck. Jaelen made me feel all of these tingly feelings that I
never felt with anyone else before. It was all happening too fast. I
pulled away from him. He stared into my eyes for a second. Then he
looked down at the cement. After that I started feeling nervous
around him. Like we couldn't be alone or something would happen
between us that would screw up our friendship. I finally had to admit
to it. I wanted Jaelen. I wanted him to hold me and kiss me like he
had just done. I never knew it would lead up to this. My feelings run
really deep with him. He knows that. Is this the person I should be
with after 21 years? He's just standing there looking so good. I don't
know what he wants or why he just kissed me. I'm scared of loving
him more than a friend. I don't want to get hurt. All of the females
that he attracts, I don't think I could deal with that. If we were to get
involved with each other that would change everything. What am I
going to do?

Do you want to come in and watch tv or get something to
eat? I think my mom cooked dinner.


"Chris I'm sorry. I didn't mean to… "


I put my hand up to quiet him.


"It's okay. Come on. I'm sure."


" Alright."

So what did your mom cook? I know its something good.

"Some Italian baked chicken, mac and cheese, collard
greens and some rolls. Why are you staring at me like that?"


You are so beautiful. I am trying to decide if I should have
approached you years ago. I know you're scared Chris, but I have
been ignoring all this time that I am attracted to you mentally and
physically. I been telling myself that we could never be together cause
we're too close and we know too much about each other. When I
watched you walk down those stairs tonight I felt something C. I
thought what if we could've been. I've wanted to kiss you all night. I
just didn't want you to look at me in a bad way. I know you've been
thinking the same things to. Even though we've been in our own
relationships before we always helped each other through them. I
just want you to know that I am leaving it up to you. I want you to
be happy!


I looked at him in awe.


" I don't know what to say Jae. All I ever wanted
was someone like you. The other guys that I have dated never
compared to you. I just don't know what to say right now. Are you
hungry? "


"Yeah. I'll be in the living room."

I went into the kitchen to make our plates and then joined him in the living room.


" Here you go."


Thank you. Man your mom really knows how to put it down in the kitchen!


Yeah she does! So are you going to spend the night or are you leaving?


"I'll stay if you want me to stay."


I want you to stay and keep me company. Nobody else is here. When your mom and my mom get
together they don't know when to come home.


"Lol! Oh, so I'm just a stand in huh?!! Any other time you'll be sending my ass home."

No I don't. Damn you eat fast.


" I can't wait around for you ms. princess! Got to eat. "


Well you can take the plates in the kitchen then.


" No problem. "


I'm going up to take a shower and get into my pajamas.


"Alright. I'm a run outside to my truck and get my overnight bag. Be back in a
minute. "


I'll be upstairs.


I ran upstairs to my room. I took a baby blue
strapless bra and matching boy shorts set out of my dresser drawer. Then I
took a white tank top and baby blue pajama pants set out of my closet. I
laid it on my bed and went and got into the shower. 25 minutes later
I was out drying off and putting on my clothes. I threw my hair up into a high bun.

I called Jaelen's name in the hallway, but he didn't answer. I turned the light off and got into
my bed. I flipped through the tv channels until I found something. I
laid there and was almost falling asleep when Jaelen knocked on my

It's open Jae.


"Look at you looking all cozy in that
big ass bed."


Come lay down beside me until I fall asleep.

" Are you okay with that? Cause I don't mind!"


Nigga get over here and stop playing with me!!! Come talk to me.


"What you watching? That shit look boring as hell."


Turn it off then. I'm not watching it no way.



He grabbed the remote and flicked off the tv. Then he removed his sweats and

t-shirt and climbed in the bed beside me.


You took a shower didn't you?


" Yep! Damn it feels good under these covers. So what's up? I'm all yours."


I want a massage. Can you do that?


" Now you know I am good with the hands! Let me relax you.

Turn on your stomach. You sure you ready for this now? Ain't no turning back once I start."


I nodded yes.


" Now I don't want no interruptions!!!"


Jaelen! Will you come on. Damn! Lol!


"Ok ok! Just checking. Can't have you getting all wet from my touch now!"


Haha ass! Now get started please!

Jaelen sat at my ankles. He started with the
back of my calves. It felt so good. A moan escaped my
lips. I heard him chuckle a little bit! He moved up to my back area (swiftly unsnapping my bra) and

massaged there then placed soft wet kisses all over my back. It's a
shame how bad he turned me on. Jaelen kissed the back and sides of my neck. Then he slowly turned me over. He asked me if I wanted him to stop. I was so short of breath that I just nodded no. I can
honestly say that no one has ever made me feel the way he did that
night. He took control of my entire body and I loved every minute of it! I think I loved him, but more than a best friend. I wanted him to be mine…


When I woke up the next morning he wasn't there. I washed my
face and brushed my teeth. Then I went downstairs and looked out
the front door. His truck was gone. This is exactly why I told myself
not to go there with him, but I wanted it so bad. I tried calling him all day, but it would just
ring or go straight to voicemail. He was ignoring me. I didn't speak to
Jaelen at all that day. As a matter of fact a couple of weeks had went
by without him speaking to me and this hadn't happened in a really long time.

He didn't come by the house or really answer my phone calls. He was always busy doing something. I
finally went by his house, but he always had a different excuse of
why we couldn't talk or his truck would be there and he wouldn't answer the door. Or he just wouldn't be there. Come to find out he was just flat out avoiding me. I cornered him in the hall one afternoon after our last class. He was walking with some of his friends out to the
parking lot. He spotted me and slowed down a little bit. His friends
continued to walk ahead. I guess he realized that he should stop
avoiding me.

Jaelen we need to talk. I don't know why you are
avoiding me. Or why you're ignoring the fact of what happened
between us. I don't deserve this. You can't just play with my
emotions like this. I don't care what you did with the other girls that
you fooled around with, but you won't put me in that category Jaelen.
What? Is this a game to you? I let you in to that special part of me
Jaelen. I don't deserve this. This is exactly why I was trying to fight
getting involved with you like this. Do you hear me? Jaelen!


"Look. Chris I'm sorry. I made a mistake. We made a mistake. I
shouldn't have went there with you. We got caught up in the moment.You know we can't be together
like that."


Tears started to fall down my face.


"A mistake? That's what this was? A fucking mistake? You are so fucking stupid! I'm the best thing that could happen to you and you call it a mistake. What you have too many
other bitches out there that you ain't fuck yet? I was just one of them
right? Fuck you Jaelen. You ain't ready for a real woman like me. I let
my guard down with you. Of all things it was sexually. You made me think one thing and now I am
standing here feeling so stupid. You're gonna realize that you fucked up
a good thing with the best woman you have ever known. You don't
deserve me. As of now we are no longer friends. I can't be best friends
with someone that can't respect my most prized possession. My heart
Jaelen. You can never fix that. Right now I can't stand to look at you. Don't call me and don't come to my house. You are not welcomed."


Looking in his eyes I could see that my words tore him apart. Oh it showed. And at this point I really didn't care. He needed to hurt like he hurt me. I didn't expect this from him. At least not for him to do it to me.


"Chris. I'm sorry ma."


"Christina! Not C ! Not Chris! It's Christina. And you are sorry. You are a
very sorry excuse for a man. After I thought there wasn't anymore
good men around. I confided in you. I guess I was very wrong. You
have a nice life Jaelen. The next woman that you meet I hope she
makes and honest man out of you. Goodbye."


I turned to walk away.


"Christina I'm so sorry that I hurt you. That wasn't my intention. I

can't lose your friendship. It's been too many years yo.
You gotta believe me ma. I never meant to hurt you Christina.
Honest. "


"It's a little late for apologies don't you think? I
can't have anything to do with you. I can see you doing this to them
other tricks you fuck with, but not me. You did it to yourself. I mean
how long have we known each other Jaelen? "


"We grew up together Chris. Look. I know what I did to you was wrong ,but we
cannot end our friendship over this. The bond is too strong ma."

"Yeah it was strong until you broke it Jaelen. Look. I don't
want to talk to you right now. I got some moves to make. I'll holla at
you later."

I turned and walked out of his life and away from our friendship. It took a
while to get over the fact of what went on between us. I mean I
wanted to be his girl. His ace boon coon. Guess shit just doesn't work
out all the time.

Chapter 2

It had been almost 4 1/2 months since I walked
away from Jaelen. He called every day after that. I wouldn't take any
of his calls. So I guess he realized that our friendship was over. Yeah I
missed him like crazy, but this is real life. Got to put your foot down
sometimes. So I started going out again. I went to this party with my best girlfriend Teasha. It
was off the chain. There was so many sexy men in the spot. I had my eye
on one dude in particular though. He was about 6'2 and looked to weigh about 310 lbs. His clothes didn't do him justice because I could see the muscles through his shirt! Mmmm! How tasty would he be? He had these neat shoulder length brown dreads with the blonde tips. OMG and it didn't help that he had the sexiest light green eyes that I had ever seen! His skin was so

light and smooth like caramel fudge that matched his perfect goatee chiseled face. I had to have him!

He must had been thinking the same thing I was
because he was on his way over to me. He had me dazed. I didn't
know what to say. He was only a few feet
away and I could smell the Dolce cologne on him. It was intoxicating! I was lost in his scent standing there realizing that my mouth was wide open. I quickly regained my composure.

" Excuse me beautiful, but are you here with anyone? I mean I
couldn't help but notice you from over there. You hella sexy ma! For
real! "


Thank you, mister....... ummmmm


"Nasir. My name is Nasir Watson sweetheart."


I'm Christina. Christina Vargas.


"Oh I know who you are ma. Yes that I do know."

How do you know me? Cause I never seen you around
campus before. Believe me I would have remembered. As sexy as you
are! Yeah we would have definitely met by now!


"Thank you! Thank you! Well your girl Teasha told me
about you. I mean I had to do some begging cause shorty girl was not
trying to give up the info."


Yeah she know the deal. We have to play it like that. There are some crazy niggas out here.


"True. True. So she must have trusted me right?"


Guess you looked up to par. You sure do pass my test!


I gave him a sexy grin while licking my lips!


"So do you think I can call you sometime? I mean a nigga can be patient for you
anyway precious!"


Put this in your phone papi.




(701)379-6841 is my cell. So give me a call papi. Real soon.


"Oh you will be getting a call ma. Believe that. Why would I let you pass me
by? This is too good to be true."


I blushed a little!


Whatever! I'll holla.

"Later ma."

For the rest of the night until like 4 in the
morning Teasha and I showed everybody how we put it down on the dance floor and we got super bent so we had to call a cab to get home. Of course I had to get a dance from Nasir's sexy ass! If he can move
like that on the dance floor then I can only imagine how he is in the bedroom. Time
will soon tell. I hope.

"Good morning mommy! How you feeling today?"
(Ms.Vargas) I'm alright baby. You're mighty happy this morning!
Good night last night huh?


(Christina) Yeah. I got in about 5:30
this morning. I met someone ma. His name is Nasir.


(Ms.Vargas) You
sure you okay with meeting someone right now? I mean after what
happened with Jaelen. Are you ready for that right now baby?
(Christina) Ma, I'm fine. It's been almost 5 months already. This will
be good for me you know. (Ms.Vargas) Speaking of Jaelen. He's been
calling all day today baby. I'm getting tired of lying for you.
Maybe ya'll should try to work this out. I know he really cares for
you Chris. Give him a chance sweetie. (Christina) He really hurt me
ma. I really care about him, but he flips the script on me. Jaelen is a ladies man
ma. He ain't ready for me. I told him that already. (Ms.Vargas) Well.
I don't care. You need to talk to him. He sounds really broken up
about the whole thing. I would rather see you with him then one of
these no good niggas on the street. You know everything about him.
Give him a chance baby. He loves and cares for you. You only find true love once.
Think about that baby. (Christina) I'll call him. I'll call him now.
(Ms.Vargas) Okay.

(Narrator:Christina) I ran upstairs to my room and jumped on my
bed. I hesitated a minute then I finally dialed his number. After the
third ring a females voice answered. (Shanika) Hello. (Christina)
Why are you answering Jae's phone? Where is he?
(Shanika) You're not doing your job so. Somebody has to. I told you
this day would come Christina. (Christina) Put Jaelen on the phone
thirsty trick. (Shanika) Now be nice! (Jaelen) Man give me my phone.
Hello. (Christina) I called you to see if maybe we can talk about this.
You move fast don't you? (Jaelen) Look Christina. I'm taking her
home from school. Why weren't you there today? Long night?
(Christina) Yeah. It was. Got in late. So I couldn't cram for this
morning. (Jaelen) Since when did you start missing days. Don't fuck
up yo. Look we do got to talk. I'll be there after I drop this chick off.
Don't go anywhere.

(Narrator:Christina) All I know is that I heard the line go dead. I was
heated, but excited at the same time. I wanted to see him, touch him. I
also wanted to smack the fuck out of him for having that bitch in his
truck. I didn't know what to feel right now. I truly realized that I
loved this man and would do anything for him. I can't get all mushy
now. I'm supposed to be mad at him. All thoughts faded when he
walked through my bedroom door 30 minutes later. We just stared at
each other. Damn did he look sexy. I wanted him so bad. Those sexy
legs in a pair of basketball shorts. Eyes. Lips. Arms. Those long braids. Oh my god I'm going crazy.
I wonder can he see it written on my face? I tried to stay focused with the matter at hand.
(Jaelen) Hey. (Christina) Hey. Are you going to sit down? (Jaelen) I'd
rather stand right now baby. I love you Christina. I want to be with
you. I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way baby. You know how I feel
about you. I want to be your best friend and your man. I don't want
Shanika or anyone else. You it mami. It's all you. Nobody makes my
heart feel like this. I love you. (Christina) I love you too Jae. Is this
really going to happen? Can we really take it there? I want to be the only one Jaelen. What
took so long for us to realize this? (Jaelen) I don't know baby. Come
here. I want to hold you. You better not miss no more days from
school either. We going to graduate together. I love you girl. Damn.
You're turning me into a fucking softee! (Christina) Not everything is
soft baby! Ha ha ha! (Jaelen) Why you playing ma? You want it? You
know you can get it. (Christina) Yes. I want you right now papi. I
missed you. Do me right here. Undress me and I'll undress you.

(Narrator: Christina) We slowly undressed each other. Like the
moment would last forever. He pulled the hair bow out of my hair
and let it fall down my back. We stood there naked looking at one
another. He asked me was I ready. The expression on my face gave my
answer. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He
backed me up against the wall. We made love right there. On my bed.
On the floor. On my dresser. On my bathroom sink. On my bathroom
floor. Also in the shower as we let the water run over our bodies.
Damn. This was real. This was my man. My baby. I am so in love
with this man. Have been for 19 years. Tears fell from my eyes as we
both reached our climax. If I wasn't mistaken tears were falling from
his to. We laid there under the water holding each other laughing and
talking. We got washed up and went back into my room.

(Jaelen) Wow! That was beautiful mami. That's some shit that would
go down on a movie. I didn't know you was freaky like that yo! You
be trying to act all innocent and shit. (Christina) Whatever! You
liked it. (Jaelen) Yes I did! I'm going to run home. I'll be back a little
later. I love you. (Christina) I love you too! You better come back.
(Jaelen) Mami you don't even have to worry about that. You going to keep
me coming back. We need to study when I come back. So get your
books together. (Christina) Alright boo! Love you bye. (Jaelen)
See you soon.


(Narrator: Christina) We were in our last year of college. Jaelen had
threw a big 22nd birthday party for me at my house! It was so nice!
But we couldn't hide it anymore. Jaelen and I had grown apart as a
couple.Guess you didn't see that coming huh? We both were going in different directions after college. I was
gonna be an RN at Mission Hospital in the area and Jaelen was going
to LA to work with his father right after graduation. He already
had an apartment waiting for him. We both decided that this would
be the best for both of us. Of course we will still be the best of friends.
Those 8 months in a relationship brought us closer together. Wow! I
can't believe school is almost over already. Remember the guy Nasir?
Me and him had decided to be friends because me and Jaelen were
dating. Not like that stopped him from flirting with me every chance
he got. We went out on a few friendly outtings. I was loyal
everytime. My heart was with Jaelen. So I knew better then to cheat.
Jaelen knew about it. He never got upset, because he trusted me. Me
and Jaelen called it quits a week before graduation. Nothing really
felt that different. I guess its cause I know him so well. I was gonna
miss him like crazy. We promised to take turns visiting each other.

The day of Graduation finally arrived. It went by so quickly. That
night me and Jaelen went out to dinner. We laughed and talked about
what went on during college. Like we were that old! A month later
Jaelen was off to start his new job and life in LA. I cried that whole
night after he left. This is the first time we had actually been so far
apart from each other. I had started my new job at the hospital and
loved it. Those 12 hour days were crazy though. I had to get used to
it. I had decided to move out and get my own place. My mom didn't
want me to, but I couldn't be at home forever. If she had her way I
would be! I got this nice 3 bedroom condo downtown at Regency
Village. It was also closer to my job. That was a good thing. Me and
my mother talked every day. I would go and stay with her on the
weekends sometimes to keep her company. My mom
and Jaelens mom weren't home that much anyway. I had also started
seeing Nasir on a more exclusive level. For some reason my mom
didn't care for him too much. She tolerated him because I was dating
him. Jaelen and I would speak whenever either one of us weren't too
busy. Which was very rare. We hadn't even been able to visit each
other yet. Yeah. Long time right? I was on my way home from work.
Nasir and I had plans. Damn did I crave this *****. He was so
perfect! There wasn't anything that I wouldn't do for him. I was in
love! Floating! Once again. He did everything he could to keep me
happy. Nasir was a dream come true. Or so I thought. You know how
they say "Don't let the good looks fool you". Oh a ***** will show
their true colors sooner or later. Well I wish I would have known
sooner than later.

(Christina) Hey baby! Sorry I'm late. Traffic was a mess. (Nasir)
Where the fuck you been Christina? It don't take you 30 minutes to
get home. So where were you? (Christina) What baby? I just told you
I was caught in traffic. Didn't you hear me? (Nasir) Yeah I heard you.
That don't mean I fucking believe you. You fucking somebody Chris?
(Christina) What? Are you serious? What is wrong with you? Did
you have a bad day or something? (Nasir) Now you can't hear huh?
Don't fucking play dumb with me you bitch. Who the fuck is he
Christina? This is the third time this week that you have gotten home
late. (Christina) First of all how dare you call me out of my name. have you lost ya FUC…. That was the last sillable Nasir let leave my lips before things went black coming too I deduced that Nasir had punched the fuck out me. Like I was a fucking man. I laid there on the
floor holding the right side of my face, crying. I couldn;t move. I felt
weak. Paralyzed. I didn't know this person in front of me yelling at
me. This wasn't the sweet and gentle man that I knew as Nasir. My
man. And maybe my future husband. Was this the person that I had
fell in love with over a period of 6 months? Can't be. I curled into a
fetal position and started rocking back and forth. Who could I talk
to? Who could I turn to? I couldn't go to my mom and tell her that
Nasir hit me. I'm too ashamed to call Jaelen. My girl Teasha would
just say "I told you so". I couldn't tell anyone. He didn't mean it. It
was an accident I reasoned with myself. Nasir loves me. It won't happen again. The last
thing I remember before I passed out was Nasir saying "I'll kill you
before you ever get the chance to cheat on me bitch". What have I
done to make him so angry? That Saturday morning I woke up to a
beautiful bouquet of red and purple lillies laying where Nasir would
have been. I smiled! There was a note saying

"Good morning baby I
Love You! I'm soo sorry about last night. I don't know what came
over me. Can you please find it in your heart to forgive me. It'll never
happen again. I promise. Love Nas."

I touched my face. I winced a
little from the soreness. I dragged myself into the bathroom. When I
looked in the mirror all I could do was cry. My lip was split a little,
but my cheek had the most damage. The dark purple bruise was
definitely noticeable. Thank god I didn't have to work today. I have
all day to think about a cover up for tomorrow. I wish I wasn't so
damn light. Then the phone rang.

(Christina) Hello. (Teasha) Girl where you at? (Christina) I'm at
home. Why whats up? (Teasha) We were suppose to meet this
morning. Remember? To go to the gym. Come on Chris. We do this
every weekend. (Christina)My bad Teash. I totally forgot. Long night
last night. Can we just skip today? We'll make up for it in the middle
of the week or something ok. (Teasha) Alright. You ok? You want me
to come over? (Christina) Nah. I'm good. I feel like sleeping all day
today. So call me later ok. Love you. (Teasha) Ok. Love you too. Call
me later. Bye. (Christina) Bye.

(Narrator: Christina) I got back up and went into the kitchen to get
some ice to put on my lip. I went into the bathroom and pulled my
hair back into a ponytail. I hopped in the shower thinking that it
would clear my head. I just stood there underneath the water. After
my shower I applied a little make up to my face to cover the bruise.
That didn't work too well. Damnit Nasir. Now all I had to work
with was a prayer. I went into the livingroom and was about to get
comfortable on the couch when my door buzzer went off. Oh shit.
Who could that be? I walked to my door and looked at my wall
camera unit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Why is he here? I just won't answer the
door. He'll think I'm not here. Damn. My car is downstairs. He
pushed the buzzer again. I might as well answer. I'll just make
something up.

(Christina)Hey Jaelen! (Jaelen) Don't hey Jaelen me! Open the door big
head! (Christina) Come on up. The door will be open.

(Narrator: Christina) I jumped on the couch and pulled the blanket up
to my eyes. Damn. I know he's gonna ask for a hug. He was at my
door in no time. Realizing I lived on the 11th floor. Guess he decided
to take the elevator. He was looking better than ever. Maybe a little
thicker. Muscle wise and this nigga had cut all his hair off! It was so long, but now just a close cut with waves. This man still made my pussy wet as shit. I
found myself licking my lips at the sight of him. He came in and
closed and locked the door. I can't believe it had been almost a year
and a half since I seen him last. All I could do was smile! He walked
over to the couch.

(Jaelen) What? A ***** can't get no love? I ain't seen you in a year
and some change. You better get up here and hug me!

(Narrator: Christina) He had that sexy smile that I loved so much on
his face! Before I could think about it. I had jumped up and threw my
arms around his neck. He smelled so good and felt so warm. I was
still in love with this man. Then the events of last night came rushing
back to me when he stepped back and took my chin in his hand. He
turned my face to his right. Then he touched my lip. He looked as if he
was about to cry. But I knew that look only meant anger.

(Jaelen) Da fuck happen to your face Christina? Don't fucking lie to
me either. Hello. What happened? (Christina) I fell when I was in the
shower. It fucked my face up pretty bad. It happened last night.
(Jaelen) Nah. I ain't feeling that. Try again ma. (Christina) What?
Why you don't believe me? I fell. (Jaelen) Chris I know you. And I
know when you lie. And right now you're lying. Just tell me the truth
yo. Did Nasir hit you? (Christina) No Jaelen. I told you I fell. Now
drop it. I thought you came to see me not give me the third degree.
(Jaelen) I did. But I come and see you and you got a busted lip and
bruised up face. That ain't sitting too well with me Chris. You ain't
even gotta tell me. Where he at anyway? (Christina) At work.
Everything is cool Jae. (Jaelen) I don't believe you. Whatever you say
for now. Look. I can't stay for long. I just came by to say what's up.
(Christina) Well I'm good. How are things with you? (Jaelen) Shit is
good! I can't complain at all ma. You know I'm up for a raise
already! (Christina) For real! Congratulations! You know you
deserve it. Your dad is proud of you isn't he? How are things at
Steven's Computer Softwares? (Jaelen) Everything is good. Actually
my father called the meeting on Thursday. So thats when I found out.
I'm just glad that I'm doing what I love! Within the last couple of
months we've hired like 5 more people. Paychecks are looking good!
See u could have been working with me. You know daddy wanted to
hire you. (Christina) Yeah I know. But you know I belong in the
hospital. I've talked about being an RN for like forever. (Jaelen) I
know. But you know there's always a job for you if you want it.
Besides you look good in business attire! (Christina) Whatever!
Thanks anyway. I'll keep it in mind though. Never know. I might get
tired of wearing scrubs everyday! (Jaelen) You might. Give me a hug
so I can get out of here. I gotta go see mommie. Then I gotta stop by
and see your mom. I'm a call you alright. (Christina) Um. Ok.
Jaelen. Don't tell my mom about my face please. She'll just make a
big deal out of nothing. (Jaelen) Whatever Chris. I ain't got shit to do
with that alright. And if nothing is wrong then why you don't want
her to know? (Christina) Just don't tell her Jae. Thank you. Call me
when you get home ok. (Jaelen) Whatever Chris. Later.

(Narrator: Christina) Jaelen gave me a kiss on the cheek and left
shaking his head. I closed the door behind him. Then I slid down to
the floor and drew my knees to my chest crying hysterically. I never
had to lie to Jaelen before. I just couldn't tell him something like this.
Let alone my mother. She would kill me. It only happened this once.

3 weeks had passed by since me and Nasir's little incident. He was
treating me like gold. Taking me out to dinner twice a week. Bringing
me lunch to my job. Or having dinner ready when I got home from
work. Running my bath water. You name it and he was doing it. I
guess he was really sorry about what he did. I had already forgave
him. And numerous times I tried to tell him that he didn't need to do
all of those things. He wasn't hearing me though. Even the sex was
better than ever! To my knowledge everything was back to the way it
was suppose to be. That is until one Wednesday morning while I was
getting ready for work. Nasir was in the kitchen getting some juice.
Like usual . He came up behind me and started kissing on my neck. I
didn't notice that his left hand was behind his back. Then all of a
sudden he just stopped and stared at me through the mirror. I looked
back at him and smiled. His eyebrows raised. He took me by my arm
and spun me around. That's when I saw what he had in his hand. My
birth control pills. I had forgot and left them out on the kitchen
counter last night. Shit. If it ain't one thing then it's another. Nasir
threw the pills in my face.

(Nasir) When were you gonna tell me that you were on the pill?
(Christina) Well. I didn't think that I really had to. I'm not trying to
have no kids right now Nas. That's all. No big deal. (Nasir) No big
deal? All this time I'm hoping that you would tell me that you're
pregnant and you're on the pill. (Christina) Baby! We have time to
have kids. What's the rush? I'm still young and trying to enjoy my
life right now. Kids are the farthest thing from my mind right now.
Besides. We can't just up and have a baby and don't know what our
future holds. The man that I have babies with will be my husband.
Not some baby daddy. Do you understand babe? (Nasir) So what
exactally are you saying to me Chris? That you don't want to have
my kids. What you got somebody else in mind? Somebody like Jaelen
huh? I know you still love that ***** Christina. We only got together
because ya'll broke up. (Christina) Come on Nasir. Lay off. I don't
have time for this. I gotta go to work. All you wanna do is argue.
Well you can argue by yourself. We'll talk later. (Nasir) No! We
gonna talk now. You got a ***** at your job that you gotta rush to or
something? We gonna finish this conversation now! (Christina) You
know what? You got a fucking problem! Get the fuck out my way
*****! I gotta go! You gonna make me late. Move! Move! (Nasir) You
ain't going no fucking where hoe!

(Narrator: Christina) When I tried to go around him, he pushed me
back against the sink. Then he put his right hand around my neck and
slammed me into the mirror above the sink. It cracked against my
head. I felt something wet trickling down my neck. It took me a
minute to realize that it was my own blood coming from my head. I
looked into Nasir's eyes and I saw so much anger. It was that same
person I saw the night this shit first happened. He had a death grip on
my neck. The tears were streaming down my face as I tried to free
myself. He had this sinister smile on his face. Like he loved it or
blacked out or something. Scratches started to appear on his neck and
face. This ***** was fucking crazy! He wasn't trying to let go of my
neck. Finally I got a free space and kicked his ass in his balls. That
made him let go. I grabbed my neck gasping for breath. He grabbed his
dick moaning like the little bitch that he was. I tried to run past him,
but he grabbed me by my hair and threw me into the bedroom wall. I
laid there slumped against the wall. As if that wasn't enough. He
proceeded to kick me in my ribs and stomach. He stood over me
calling me every name in the book. Saying that if I didn't have kids
by him then I wouldn't have them by anyone. I felt the life slipping
from my body. Oh god! I just wish he would stop! After what seemed
like forever. He finally stopped. Then he went to sit on the edge of the
bed. He just sat there and stared at me. Finally he spoke. "Now go to
work. There go the door. Get the fuck up and go!" I could barely
move. My whole body felt broken an bruised. I eased myself up to sit
against the wall. I was already late as hell for work. I couldn't go
looking and feeling like this anyway. Why is this shit happening to
me? I promised myself to never let a ***** put his hands on me. Now
look. I can't stay with this *****. He could fucking kill me. But like
every other stupid bitch. I fell for his every apology. And stayed. After
the beatings would take place. He'll hold me in his arms or he would
shower me with gifts. That is until he went into his rages. People
started to notice. I found myself always trying to hide my face with
sunglasses even when there was no need to wear them. That's just
how fucked up my face would be. I would go to work like that.
Eventually I had to request for like a month off. Actually. My
supervisor told me to take the time and get myself together. She said
if I was gonna be any good to them that she needed me well. I
understood clearly. So I took the time to start healing myself. I just
hoped a month would do. That night as Nasir layed in my bed
sleeping. I just stared at him. Slowly realizing that I was beginning
to hate him. My eye hadn't healed completely from the previous week
before he started to fight me again. Hitting me in the same exact spots
everytime. I was tired of this shit. I didn't deserve this. No woman
did. When the beatings first started I would blame myself. I thought I
was doing something wrong. It wasn't me. He felt intimidated by me.
So he felt that he needed to beat me to keep me below him. This was
it. It was over. So that night while he was asleep in my bed. I packed
3 of my suitcases and 2 carry along bags. I dressed quietly and left the
apartment with my things. Hopefully when I came back he would be
gone and out of my life forever. It hurt so bad. Cause I still loved that
muthafucker. I had to take care of me though. I had got my mom and
Teasha together the day before and sat them down to talk about it.
They were both heartbroken to hear it come out of my mouth, but
they already knew. I also told them that I would be going to L.A. to
stay with Jaelen for awhile. We cried and embraced each other for
hours. I gave them the new number to my cell phone. Had to change
it. Didn't need any unwanted messages from that asshole. Now here I
am sitting behind the wheel of my car. I gave my apartment building
one more long look. Then I felt relieved and pulled off into the busy

I would say that it took me a good three and a half hours to get to
L.A. Then twenty minutes to get to Jaelen's house. I pulled into the
parking lot and turned my lights off. Then I flipped down my visor
and checked my appearance. Damn! I looked terrible. Both of my eyes
were a pinkish/purplish color. I guess that's what healing looked like.
I had bruises all over my entire body. My hair had lost its fullness
and shine. I don't even recognize me. I know Jaelen wouldn't. He
might slam the door in my face cause I lied to him last time. Maybe
god would be on my side tonight. Or shall I say early this morning. It
was 1:30am. I put a baseball cap on my head and pulled my ponytail
through. Then I wiped my eyes one last time the best I could, turned
off the engine, grabbed my purse and got out of the truck. I hit the
alarm and walked into his building. He lived on the third floor. So I
decided to take the stairs. I was out of shape anyway. Had been for
awhile. I stopped going to the gym with Teasha. When I approached his
door I knocked quickly. Hoping that no one would come out of their
apartment and see me. So I hung my head down. I knocked again. No
answer. Maybe I should get a hotel room and come back when he's
awake. When I was about to leave. The door unlocked and opened.
He was standing there wiping his eyes. Then I looked up at him and
asked could I come in. Jaelen stood there staring at me for a second.
He hadn't seen me since the last time he came by to see me at my
house. So I know I looked bad. He stared a little too long at my face.
So I put my head back down. Then he just opened his arms. I walked
right into them and broke down crying all over again. We backed into
the apartment and closed the door. Jaelen rubbed my back and stroked
my hair. His touch felt all too familiar to me. I missed being with
him so much. He would never have done the things that Nasir did to
me. Jaelen always told me that a woman is delicate to the touch.
That she deserved to be loved and not beaten. I withdrew myself from
his warm hug and sat on his couch. I took off my shoes and folded
my legs under me. He sat down beside me and we began to talk.

Chapter 4

(Jaelen) Damn Christina. I can't stand to look at you like this. Why
didn't you tell me? We are best friends. You usually tell me
everything. When did you start lying to me baby girl? (Christina)
Jaelen. I don't even know where to begin. I am so fucking ashamed. I
can't believe I let him do this shit to me. Look at me Jaelen! I am an
emotional wreck. I can't eat or sleep. I never used to be this small Jae.
I'm stressed out. Can I stay here with you for awhile? My supervisor
gave me a month off. Everybody fucking knows! (Jaelen) Sure. You
know you can stay here for as long as you want. We'll get through
this together Chris. I promise. Ok. (Christina) Ok. Thank you Jae.
You're always here for me. I love you so much. (Jaelen) Love you too
big head! Now go on upstairs and get some sleep. It's the second
bedroom on your left. I'll get your bags later on. (Christina) Ok.
Thanks again Jaelen. (Jaelen) You ain't gotta thank me. We tied
together for life. Remember that. No matter who you end up with. Its
my job to protect you. Now go to bed! (Christina) Ok daddy!

(Narrator: Christina) At 10:00 am Jaelen was knocking on the door
with my luggage. I got up and opened the door for him. I only had on
my bra and underwear. I was starting to feel so much better. Jaelen's
eyes looked over my body. The bruises were very visible. I grabbed the
comforter off the bed and covered myself. This was not the body that
he knew. And this is not the body that I wanted him to see. He gave
me a slight smile to try to make me feel more comfortable. It worked
a little.

(Jaelen) Ma! I have seen every part of your body before. You don't need to cover up

around me. (Christina) I know. You just never seen me like this though. It's really

embarrassing to me. As feisty as I am. I'm surprised I let it happen. (Jaelen)Well it's not
your fault. We gonna get past this together. I don't wanna talk about it or hear
you dwell on that mess anymore. You just concentrate on getting better. I told you to move
out here anyway. Hardheaded ass! You could have been working at the company and
been happy. (Christina) Yeah, but that was my decision Jae. I know I made a bad one.
Concerning Nasir, but you know I love working in the hospital. I really love what I do!
(Jaelen) Yeah I know. Now go do what it is you do in the morning, cause I made us

breakfast. I'll be downstairs waiting on you. Depending on how long you take! (Christina) Ok. What did you fix anyway? (Jaelen) Cheese and veggie omelets and some bacon and sausage. You know how you like to eat. (Christina) Mmmmmmm! Be down in a second.

(Narrator:Christina) As Jaelen headed downstairs I shot for the shower to freshen up. My body was so tired and still sore so the hot water soothed me a lot. This nigga knew me so well! Lol! Cause he already had my favorite body wash in the shower. All I could do was smile and ponder over the fact of how and why we didn't work out. Who knows though right and it seems and feels like our connection never left! I know he still loves me, but it's a deeper love because we are best friends first. As the thoughts were running through my head I found myself getting horny as hell and not a good idea at the moment. At least he can still get it wet! I let my hair fall down to the middle of my back and put my entire head under the water. Mmmm this felt so good. I lathered my hair with shampoo and massaged my scalp really good, rinsed that out and conditioned really quick so I could wash my body. I reached out of the glass shower for a towel to wrap my hair with and then washed my entire body, rinsed and stepped out of the shower dripping wet. I wrapped the huge soft towel around my body and went to the sink to brush my teeth. Walking into the bedroom I saw lotion and another huge towel laid out on the bed and Jaelen standing there with that sexy smile on his face. I think I honestly needed another shower from the moisture that appeared between my legs. I was weak, vulnerable and shocked at the same time. So I said:

(Christina) What you doing Jae! You supposed to be downstairs waiting on me. I need to get dressed. (Jaelen) Well, I was, but you was taking too long. So I figured I would come help! Come here. Lay right here for me. (Christina)Come on Jae. I will be down in a sec ok. I got it.

(Narrator:Christina) He took me by my hand and I didn't stop him. Layed me on my stomach and started to massage my back down to my plump ass with the lotion. I moaned so deep, because it felt so good. I tensed up a little bit and he told me to relax and just enjoy it, because I needed it. So I did as I was told and loving every minute of this shit as my pussy grew wetter and wetter. He worked his way down my legs and to my feet where he placed a soft kiss on each one. I was on cloud nine by this time. Then he flipped me over and squirted lotion down the front of my body. I noticed that his eyes stopped at my neatly Brazilian waxed pussy! I smiled and so did he! It was one of those seeing you like it's the first time smiles. I looked away from him and he turned my face back to him telling me that I was so beautiful and all the bruises in the world couldn't change that. I just stared at him as he begin to rub the lotion into my skin starting at my collar bone and working his way down my arms to my fingertips. Then rubbing his fingertips over my hard nipples and breasts caused me to bite my bottom lip and moan deeply. All he did was smile! Rubbing down over my smooth stomach and down to my thighs he gripped them firmly. Damnit! Damnit! What the hell is happening here. Like really is this happening again? But I couldn't say no, because I wanted it. He spread my thighs apart massaging the inside and outside of them. Everytime he got too close to my center I jumped. He was doing this on purpose and he knew which buttons to push. Fuck it. I just let him have his way. He started to run his fingers over my pussy lips and got a surprise.

(Jaelen) Somebody happy to see me huh? HaHaHa! (Christina) Mmmm! I guess she is. You know how she gets around you. I will only get wetter! (Jaelen) Then I guess I need to handle that then. I got you babygirl!

(Narrator:Christina) He thrusts my legs apart and threw them over his shoulders pulling my pussy to his mouth. He flicked his tongue over my clit and inside my lips drinking all my juices at once. Deeper and deeper his tongue went inside of me. Pushing up on my elbows I grabbed the back of his head and grinded against his face. He wouldn't stop not even after the first two nuts. I was going insane. Then he finally came up for air smiling like a little kid on Christmas!

(Jaelen) Damn mami! I missed that taste! We don't need no breakfast cause I got all three courses right here. Shit! (Christina) I can't move ass. You were going like you didn't want to stop. (Jaelen) I didn't. (Christina) Well you know what I need now! Love the tongue but I want that dick papa. Now Move. (Jaelen) You know you can get whatever you want mamita! (Christina) and you know you in for the ride of your life right? Lol!

(Narrator:Christina) No sooner then I got him out of his t-shirt and on his back his fucking phone wants to ring. He ignored it the first time, but the second he pulled his phone out of his basketball shorts and looked at the caller id. His facial expression went from ready to get some to oh fuck. So I eased up and sat at the foot of the bed.

(Jaelen) I gotta take this Chris. Be right back ok. Give me like 5 minutes. (Christina) Ok Jae.

(Narrator:Christina) And 5 minutes turned into an hour. I was passed out under the covers when he came back into the room and sat on the opposite side of me.

(Narrator:Jaelen) Damn yo. What have I gotten myself into? I sat there and just watched her sleep for the next 10 minutes rubbing her hair. She is gonna straight trip out on me when I tell her that I met someone a couple months ago. Then we just fucked around. She gonna think Im using her and playing games and haven't changed from my high school or college years. I really think I fucked up once again. Then I met Lena and we clicked right away. We happen to work in the same part of the firm together and been kicking it ever since. Man what am I tripping about Chris had moved on with her life. With that abusive ass nigga. So why the fuck I feel so bad. I just made a mistake is all. I like Lena and feeling her most definitely, but I know deep down that my heart and love belongs to Chris. I nudged Chris to wake her up. She turned over wiping her eyes.

(Christina) Hey. Finally came back huh? I got so sleepy. Laid down and I was out. (Laughs) What took you so long? You said 5 minutes nigga. Turned into more like an hour. (Jaelen) Look I know. We need to talk Chris. I can't lie to you and I don't want you to think that I was using you. (Christina) What Jae? What's up? (Jaelen) I met someone a couple months ago and we been kicking it pretty hard since. We met at work and Im feeling her. This should have been talked about before we just did what we did but (Christina) (Holds up hand) Its cool Jae. You just being you that's all. You are my best friend and we done been through this before yo. I guess people don't change when you think they have. (Jaelen) Oh come on Chris. You know I got a weakness for you, but we friends first. I mean aren't you the one who decided to move on with the nigga that was beating your ass. (Christina) (Slap) How dare you throw that shit back in my face. I came here because I needed you. I needed my friend. Fucking with you wasn't on my mind. You led this shit on. And no I didn't stop it, because I wanted it. I don't know. (Jaelen) Look Chris. I was wrong ok. Once again I admit my mistake, but you not gonna be putting your hands on me. Im only stating the fucking facts ok. You would never let anybody else do that shit to you. So why him? (Christina)Because I love him. I love him Jae. For some fucked up reason I miss him. Look I got to run out for awhile. Pick up a few things. I'll be back later. I need to call my mother and Teasha too. Just need to get my mind right. (Jaelen) I hear you babygirl, but you don't deserve the madness that he has brought into your life. I'll be here playing the game and your mom called early this morning while you were sleeping just to check on you. Come here ma. (Christina) No Jae. No. Just leave me be.

(Narrator: Jaelen) I try to hug her but she just pushes me away and walks into the bathroom for another shower. Shaking my head I walk out of the room and close the door behind me. I head down to the living room for a game of madden when there's a knock at the door. I walk to the door and peep through the peephole and to my surprise…..


Chapter 5

(Jaelen) What the fuck are you doing here? And how you know where I live? (Nasir) Jaelen I don't want no problems with you. I just came to talk to Chris. (Jaelen) Look like you did all the talking with your fists brah and she don't want to see you. (Nasir) I wanna hear her say that. Not you. Where is she Jae? (Jaelen) You not coming in here yo. I would advise you to just leave for real. You done hurt her enough. What kind of man puts his hands on a woman? You a fucking coward yo.

(Narrator:Christina) As I finished getting dressed I headed downstairs to hear a familiar voice and Jaelen going back and forth at the front door. Oh my god. How did he find me? Oh wait. Shit. Those damn letters from Jaelen. He must have found those. Shit. Shit. Shit. I walked into view so that they could both see me.

(Christina) What are you doing here Nas? (Nasir) Chris we need to talk baby. You just left boo. I figured you would probably be here. So I found the letters and got the address. So here I am. (Christina) We don't have nothing to talk about. We're done. I won't take the abuse anymore. You have a problem and you need to get help. Go inside Jae. I got this. (Nasir) Yeah. Let us talk.

(Narrator:Christina) I could see that Jae was slowly losing his cool by the way he was breathing and shifting his eyes. So I pushed him back into the house and closed the door. I stood on the doorseal with my hand in the small of my back. Everytime I went out I carried my nine just in case and now I just might actually need it. So let this nigga jump stupid if he want to. I stood there and listened to the bullshit that he had to say.

(Christina) What do you have to say? I'm on my way out. Make it quick. (Nasir)Chris why you acting like that? And of all places you run to this nigga? I'll go get help. Anything, but I need you babe. I'm so sorry for hurting you. For putting my hands on you. You know I love your ass. I love you girl. (Christina) You love to control me. You love the fact of trying to keep me below you. Look at my fucking face Nas. A real and respectable man would not do this to the woman he claims to love. (I looked him straight in his eyes) this here is over. We are over. Do you understand? So leave and go find someone else to play your punching bag. (Nasir) You gonna play me like that? Huh you trifling ass hoe. What you fucking this nigga again? Huh Chris. What? You think this is over? Not over until I say so mami. You got that. You fucking got that. (Christina) (He grabs me up in my collar) Exactly why I don't want to be with your ass. Get your fucking hands off me Nas.

(Narrator:Christina) He wrestles me against the wall and yanks my head back. Telling me he would kill me before he let me go be with the next nigga. Trying to cover my mouth with his hand to keep me from screaming out. Somehow I got my hand in my back waistband and pulled my gun. I pointed it to his chest and was crying hysterically. I called out for Jaelen and he was right there.

(Christina) You will never hurt me again. You will never touch me again. You fucking coward or I will shoot you where you stand. (Jaelen) Chris. Now look babygirl. This right here you don't want to do. You got too much going for you. Think about your mom. Your job. Don't risk it on this piece of shit. (Nasir) Man fuck you. Fuck both of ya'll. This is not over. You done pulled a gun on me bitch. Oh yeah. I got you. I got both of ya'll. I'm gone make you wish you had used it when you had the chance. (Nasir chuckles) Oh Yeah. We'll see about that. (Jaelen) the only thing you'll see is the inside of a body bag if you think of disgracing my door step again my nigga.

As Nasir backs away he points his fingers like a gun and half sneers half smiles at them both. Chris holds the gun fully extended until Nas was completely out of sight. Time seemed to stop and it wasn't until Chris felt Jaelen's hand on her shoulder that she came back down to earth and remembered to breath. Chris's body was covered in cold sweat and as Jaelen grabbed the gun from her hands her world turned black as she made her unexpected descent to the concrete steps .


(Dr. Montgomery) Ok what are we looking at Nurse Johnson? What is the cause of her illness? She just dropped like that? (Nurse Johnson) Well, I ran tests and did all of her blood work. It seems that she is pregnant doctor, but the baby might not make it. Due to her internal injuries it shows that she has been hit with a blunt object repeatedly in the same area or kicked. She also has some internal bleeding that has not stopped yet. I'm surprised that she has indured all this and was able to walk around at all. Her best friend is here and he filled us in on the ex abusive boyfriend that she just left. As far as the pregnant issue goes (shakes her head) well she was on birth control. So I don't know how that happened. Her friend is in her room with her. Maybe he can tell you more, but she is stable for now. (Dr. Montgomery) Thank you Nurse Johnson. I'm gonna go in shortly and let him know what we are looking at. If he needs to call any family then he probably should. (Nurse Johnson) Ok doctor. I will let him know.

(Knock Knock) (Jaelen) Come in.

(Jaelen was pacing the hospital floor back and forth) (Nurse Johnson) Come and have a seat Mr. Stevens. (Jaelen sits down in one of the chairs by Christina's bed. He's looking at her attached to all those machines with iv's in her arms and tubes in her nose and mouth and he can't take it.) (Jaelen) So….What is wrong with her? I knew she was bad off when I saw her, but I didn't know this bad off. Then the asshole has the nerve to show up at my house looking for her. Excuse my language maam. (Nurse Johnson) It's ok hun. I can understand your frustration, but the only thing that we can worry about now is getting her better and praying that the baby she is carrying makes it through this, because it's a slim chan (Jaelen) Wait. What? Baby? What baby? (Nurse Johnson) Well, she's very well pregnant hun and I would take a wild guess and say that it's by the ex right? (Jaelen punches the wall as hard as he could drawing little trickles of blood. Then sits back down in the chair with his head in his hands.) ( Nurse Johnson) Both of her ribs have been broken and her lung was almost punctured. So I'll say that she took a really good beating, but she is so strong. Not many would have been able to survive this. Let alone drive all the way here to LA or still be carrying a baby. She's a fighter and she needs you more than anything right now.

(the older nurse glanced over at Christina like it brought back memories for her. Like she could really relate)

(Nurse Johnson) Anyway hun, I just came in to fill you in and to see if you had called her family cause im sure they would want to be here with her. The doctor will be in with you shortly. (Jaelen) Yes maam, I did. Calling her mom was the first thing I did and she is on her way now. I also called her best friend and my mom to come as well. They should be here soon. (Nurse Johnson) Ok honey. Well just ring the bell if you need anything I will be here all night ok. Get some rest. (Jaelen) Thank you so much. I will try.

(As the nurse was leaving the room all these different alarms started to go off at Christina's bed. Her body was shaking violently and her Sats were dropping. The nurse pulled a switch on the wall for the emergency team to come in. A couple seconds later the room was filled with ER doctors and nurses. I saw her fingers clenching to the bed sheets and tears in her eyes as the nurse told me I had to step out and go to the waiting room. One of the doctors said that she was going into cardiac arrest. They wheeled her out of the ICU recovery room and back to the OR. I didn't know what to do and I felt so helpless. So all I could do was wait. Everyone showed up about an hour or two later and joined me in the waiting area.)


(Ms. Vargas) Oh my God Jaelen! How is my baby? Where is she? I need to see her. (Jaelen) No one can see her right now. She's in the ICU OR. They had to rush her back there because she went into cardiac arrest. There's another thing too. (All three women in unison) What??!! (Jaelen) Chris is pregnant, but they are not sure if the baby will make it. She has two broken ribs, some internal bleeding and her lung was almost punctured. (Teasha) Pregnant? How so? Chris was on the pill. And I mean HEAVY on the pill. She didn't miss any. (Jaelen) I don't know about any of that. (Mrs. Stevens) Wait Nasir. He did this to her? So where the hell is he and why isn't he being arrested? Have you contacted your father? I'm sure he can get a detective on this. (Jaelen) Yes, I called him, but he didn't answer. I left a voicemail though.

(As soon as those words left my lips my father walks through the hospital doors clad in one of his business suits with a grimace on his face. He went straight to the receptionist desk and she pointed him in our direction. Now that we were all here we could get to the main task at hand. That would be locating that coward ass nigga Nasir. We were going back and forth about where he may be and getting a private detective on it. Then out comes Dr. Montgomery with a somber look on his face glancing from face to face.)

(Dr. Montgomery) I'm sorry to inform you that……


Chapter 6

Everyone gathered around Dr. Montgomery with tearful eyes. Ms. Vargas broke the silence and said "Well? What's going on with my baby Dr.? Is she going to be ok?" Dr. Montgomery gave them all a warm smile and finally spoke. "Christina is going to be fine, but however I am said to say that her baby did not make it. I'm really sorry about that. There was a lot hemorrhaging in her uterus as well as broken ribs, a punctured lung and internal bleeding. Whoever did this really did a number on her. I am obligated to get the police involved with this matter due to the seriousness of the injuries. I wanted to let you all know before I did so and for you all to call whoever you need to." Jaelen said, "Yes sir. Please do that. Thank you. I know who did this to her. It was an ex boyfriend of hers. He came by my place earlier today and they got into it." The doctor told Jaelen to wait for the detectives to get there and to let them know everything that went on that morning. He did let us know that Christina would need a lot of rest and that they would need to keep her for awhile. I sat down next to my mother and father and waited for the detectives to show up.

Meanwhile back in Laguna….Nasir is on his cell calling an old nemesis of Christina's. The girl answers the phone sleepily, " Hello". " Shanika. Get up man. I need to holla at you about something and it's real important." " Who is this? Nasir?" After Shanika realized who was on the other end of her line there was a long silence. What in the hell could he possibly want with his crazy ass? I stopped messing with this fool because he a nut sack and now he calling me again. Last time I checked he was with Christina and they were playing husband and wife. So what could he possibly want from me? " Yo, Shanika? You there? Hello?" I finally answered, " Yeah I'm here. What do you want Nas? Why you calling me? I know I made it clear the last time when you chose that bitch over me. So what could you possibly want?" " Look now. Go ahead with all that drama girl. Me and Chris not together no more. The bitch is trifling and we done, but I may be in some trouble. I need your help Nika. Please." Was this nigga really asking me for my help? Seriously? " Help with what? What did you do now? " Sighs, " Look I'm going to need you to be my alibi. I have a feeling that some cops may be getting involved with this one. So I'm going to need for you to say that I was with you all night last night and up until about an hour ago. Ok?" And why should I do that for you? Are you crazy? What did you do to her Nasir? " Because you still care about me and I know secretly that you miss me and wish we could start over. Well here is our chance boo. We can try again. Look I know I'm not the best person in the world and true my temper is through the roof, but you know how I am Nika. I'm territorial. I don't like to share." You don't share, but you was messing with me while you two were together. What type of bullshit is that? Look you need to tell me what's going on or I'm not gonna be able to help you. " Can we meet somewhere? We done already said too much over the phone. Meet me at our spot in about an hour. We'll discuss the rest then." "Ok. One hour Nasir. Bye." I ended the call and just layed there for a second shaking my head. Knowing that I was gonna get myself into something that I couldn't turn back from.



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